You get what you pay for, and you will if you work with Kraken. I have worked in tech companies in consulting roles from principal to executive level, and for large firms like Oracle, KPMG and Gartner, for over 20 years. Erik is one the best consultants I have ever worked with, and I would not hesitate to use his services again. He anticipates future requirements, proactively communicates , and documents his work as well or better than anyone I know. He knows when to take a technical decision on his own, but more importantly, knows which decisions to make jointly with the client. He clearly understands how to build for both maintainability and reusability – we were able to port his work Magento to other eCommerce platforms in about 1/5 the time, due to his thoughtful design and his excellent documentation. I can’t say enough good about working with Kraken – it was a pleasure.



About the client

Our client is a VC-backed startup with offices in the US and India. Due to their current business phase, they preferred to have their business name not mentioned in this case study. The name “CompatibilityEngine” is a codename for the name of their actual product. Their CompatibilityEngine technology uses logic to map relationships between parts to allow users to know with certainty that the products they buy will be compatible with each other. Contact Kraken if you’re interested in implementing this technology for your eCommerce site.

The Need

Our client needed an experienced team to build a connector between Magento 2 and their Product CompatibilityEngine. They also worked with us to build a JavaScript widget that could be embedded on any eCommerce platform.

The Solution

We worked with our client to efficiently integrate their CompatibilityEngine with Magento 2.

Compatibility Widget

We built a React-based widget that can be inserted into any product detail page. The widget pulls from the CompatibilityEngine API to show only products that are compatible with the product the user is viewing, based on what options they have selected (e.g., “Gear Range” or “Speed”).

Compatible With

When a user clicks on a product in the “Compatible Products” widget, the product page will inform the user that the product they’re viewing is “Compatible With” the product they just came from.

Integration Documentation

The CompatibilityEngine widget we built needs to be easily integrated with other eCommerce platforms. We wrote extensive documentation to allow other developers to integrate their eCommerce platforms.

Automated Test Coverage

We built comprehensive unit and integration tests reduce the risk of regressions as new features are added.