Our CEO, Erik Hansen, oversaw the architecture, design, and development of these projects while he worked for Classy Llama, an agency he co-founded in 2007. Magento is not and has not been a Kraken client.

I have worked with Erik on two Magento releases. He provided developer-oriented documentation for the responsive web design features he built so I could include them in Magento product documentation. Erik writes very well and more importantly, he is very prompt and responsive. He obviously cares about customers a great deal and has helped Magento provide excellent documentation to them. Erik’s hard work and dedication (and particularly his customer focus) set him apart in my experience with most other developers I’ve worked with.

Steve Johnson

Senior Technical Writer at eBay/Magento

The Need

When the Magento Inc. core development team was building Magento 2.0, they decided to bring in an outside team to build the Magento 2 responsive email structure. Erik led the development effort and added the following to the core of Magento 2:

The Solution

Responsive Design

Ensured the transactional emails looked good on the supported email clients/devices. Used Litmus to perform full testing.

Integrated Styles

Integrated CSS/LESS with Magento’s UI library so styles from theme apply to email templates.


Thoroughly documented how to customize email templates.


Added translation/internationalization support to email templates.


Magento Inc. was able to launch Magento 2.0.0 on Nov 17, 2015 with full responsive email support.