Even though we’re selling parts for a 40+ year old car, we knew we’d be sunk without modern day tech to drive our ecommerce site. When we saw the functionality provided by the Kraken Commerce’s “Interactive Parts Finder”, we knew we had a winner. Erik and his team took our project on and really went over and above to make sure we got what we wanted. Even after the project went live, we’ve been able to rely on Kraken Commerce to keep us up-to-date on the software and helped us to tweak the various features and functions, too.

James Espey

Vice President, DeLorean Motor Company

About DeLorean Motor Company

Even though a limited number of models were ever produced, the DMC-12 is a globally recognized car that car enthusiasts have been driving since they were last produced in 1982. The DeLorean Motor Company sells parts and services to keep those cars running into the future.

The Need

The DeLorean Motor Company wanted a way for their customers to be able to visually identify what parts they needed by looking at a parts diagram, and then easily purchase those parts.

The Solution

We worked with the DeLorean Motor Company to implement our Interactive Parts Finder platform.

Interactive Parts Finder

Customers can find parts by clicking on a parts diagram or looking at the visual list of parts displayed below the diagram.

Admin Management

DeLorean had hundreds of PDF diagrams that they wanted to make interactive so customers could easily find the part they were seeking. The Parts Finder tool allows admins to easily upload diagrams and map “hotspots” to their corresponding parts.

Acctivate Integration

DeLorean’s business runs on the Acctivate ERP. Kraken integrated orders, shipments, and inventory levels between the two systems.

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