Our CEO, Erik, oversaw the architecture, design, and development of this project in the context of a different agency he co-founded in 2007. QuestMark was not a client of Kraken during the development of this project. In the context of this case study, any references to “we” refers to the team that Erik led at his previous agency.

About QuestMark Flooring

QuestMark, a Division of CentiMark Corporation, is a leading provider of polished concrete and epoxy floor systems to the industrial, commercial and retail markets.

The Need

QuestMark’s previous site was running on a legacy eCommerce platform that didn’t work well on mobile, was difficult to maintain, and was not integrated with other parts of QuestMark’s business. They needed a new platform that would help them drive more online sales and empower their sales team.

The Solution

We worked with QuestMark Flooring to build a Magento 2 website with the following features (note: the site design has been updated since the screenshots below were taken).

B2C-type shopping experience

Prior to migrating to Magento 2, QuestMark’s B2B customers placed orders using a legacy system that was clunky and did not give visual confirmation of the products being ordered. Due to the robust B2B capabilities in Magento 2, we were able to implement QuestMark’s B2B requirements within a modern shopping catalog that included layered navigation, photos/videos, and product grouping via configurable products.

Freight rate lookup via CH Robinson integration

We integrated with the CH Robinson freight API to provide shipping cost estimates to customers in the cart and checkout.

SAP Integration

We integrated Magento with SAP so that orders would get pushed into SAP. We built batch support so that Magento would attempt to sync orders multiple times in case SAP was unavailable.

Punchout2Go integration

We implemented the Punchout2Go extension so that QuestMark’s customers can place orders using procurement systems such as Ariba, Jaggaer, Coupa, SAP, Oracle and hundreds of other systems.

Technical Downloads (Safety Data Sheets)

We implemented functionality that would allow customers to download Safety Data Sheets either directly from a product detail page or from a centralized “Product Attachments” page.


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