Our CEO, Erik, oversaw the architecture, design, and development of this project in the context of a different agency he co-founded in 2007. Smocked Auctions was not a client of Kraken during the development of this project.

About Smocked Auctions

Smocked Auctions is an innovative children’s fashion retailer. They got started by selling products through “flash auctions” on Facebook and Instagram. They transitioned their business from exclusively selling on Facebook to driving over 10K orders a month on their eCommerce site within three years of launch.

Erik shepherded us through a major initial Magento Enterprise build and complete restructuring of our eCommerce and social commerce platforms, integrating both Facebook & Instagram as sales channels. We have never worked with a developer with the strategic vision that Erik brought to our project and company. His ability to understand native company operations, automate them and create efficiencies is priceless. The sense of responsibility and integrity he brings to his work is unparalleled.

Jacey Kunka

Director of Technology, Smocked Auctions

The Need

Smocked Auctions needed an eCommerce platform that would integrate with their social selling system (Soldsie) and would enable them to build a vertically-integrated clothing brand on an eCommerce platform so they were not solely dependent on social networks.

The Solution

Some of the key features of the Smocked Auctions website:

Facebook Comment Selling

The Soldsie integration allowed Smocked Auctions’ Facebook followers to add comments on Facebook posts. Those users would then receive an email with a link to complete their purchase.


Many of the products that Smocked sells can be “monogrammed”. Magento’s “Custom Options” feature (with some customizations) allows users to select their monogramming options.


Smocked sells some of their products via “pre-orders”. This allows them to give a sense of exclusivity to their customers while only producing exactly the inventory they know they’re going to sell.


Orders per month by third year
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