Our CEO, Erik Hansen, oversaw the architecture, design, and development of these projects while he worked for Classy Llama, an agency he co-founded in 2007. TurnTo is not and has not been a Kraken client. In the context of this case study, any references to “we” refers to the team that Erik led at Classy Llama.

About TurnTo

TurnTo is the fastest-growing provider of customer-generated content (CGC) solutions to top merchants and brands

The Need

TurnTo needed an extension to connect Magento 2 with their Ratings & Reviews, Community Q&A, Visual Reviews, and Checkout Comments features.

The Solution

Rather than building the extension in-house, they decided to look for a partner with strong experience on the Magento 2 platform. Erik led the project to build this extension. The extension was built as an open-source extension on Github.

Ratings & Reviews

We hooked into Magento’s ratings and review system and seamlessly replaced it with content from the TurnTo system.

Learn more about Ratings & Reviews on TurnTo’s website.

Community Q&A

We integrated TurnTo’s community Q&A service which allows site visitors to to see existing Questions & Answers and ask questions.

Learn more about Community Q&A more on TurnTo’s website.

Visual Reviews

Site visitors are able to see a “Customer Gallery” of images/videos that users have uploaded for a specific product.

Learn more about Visual Reviews more on TurnTo’s website.

Checkout Comments

When a customer buys a product, on the checkout confirmation page, they’re asked why they bought a product. Those Checkout Comments are then displayed on the product detail page. The benefit of Checkout Comments vs reviews is that they’re 3-5x easier to collect.

Learn more about Checkout Comments more on TurnTo’s website.


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* The download count is not directly related to how many sites are using the extension, as each site will download the extension multiple times during development and upon each deployment.