Erik led the development on my initial Magento 1 site in 2015.  As I was getting ready to perform my Magento 2 migration, I reached out to Kraken so we could build the next site together. As with the first site build, the Magento 2 build went smoothly, and we launched the new site without any significant disruption—not a trivial task with a site as complex as ours. Once again we launched another great site together, and the results speak for themselves.

Stephen Lamb

Partner, Universal Medical

About Universal Medical

Founded in 1983, Universal Medical is a solutions-focused leader with over 22,000 medical products that they sell to medical professionals.

The Need

Universal Medical wanted a faster and more user-friendly website, while maintaining all of the customer data and functionality from their previous Magento 1 website.

The Solution

We worked with Universal Medical to replatform their Magento 1 website to Magento 2.

Quoting Workflow

Institutional buyers often require getting internal approval for quotes before making a purchase. We implemented a third-party extension so that Universal Medical’s staff can provide custom quotes to their prospective customers.

Speed Optimization

We made sure the website was fast—both for users as well as when running Google Lighthouse tests, to ensure site speed did not impact SEO rankings. We fine-tuned the JavaScript performance, implemented Cloudflare, and setup full page cache warming.

Salesforce Integration

Universal Medical’s business runs on Salesforce, so a solid integration was crucial. We implemented the PowerSync connector to sync orders, customers, and products between the two systems.

Custom Price Logic

Universal Medical needed the ability to set product prices on a per Customer Group basis, including increasing the product price for certain Customer Groups. We customized Magento’s native Customer Group price logic to enable this.

Data Migration

Universal Medical wanted to preserve years of customers and orders on their Magento 1 platform, so we used data migration tools to move all of their data to Magento 2.

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